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About Ionian Kind

Who we are

Ethical Fashion and Homewares

Ionian Kind is an online homeware and fashion marketplace, partnering with eco-friendly and ethical brands from the Ionian Island of Corfu to make it easy for you to shop and live consciously.

Based in the UK and Corfu, our team is equipped to help you shop ethically with fabulous, stylish sustainable products and knowledge from the Greek islands. From eco-friendly gifts to vegan beauty and zero waste fashion, we are here to promote and preserve Greek culture in a conscious and impactful way that will benefit you too.

At Ionian Kind, we hope to live up to our name. We recognise and passionately believe that acts of kindness, whether they be on a personal, environmental, or social and cultural level, are all intrinsically linked. We believe everyone has a responsibility to make sure their actions, no matter how small, have a positive impact on a larger scale.   

Supporting Ethical Local Brands and Makers

High Quality Products

Ionian Kind can bring all the benefits of high quality and locally produced items straight to your doorstep. Ionian Kind is committed to promoting and protecting local culture by supporting brands that utilise sustainable methods to create beautiful and conscious products that are not only environmentally friendly but indicative of the colourful history of the region in which they are created. We are proud to support local grass roots businesses who show innovation in how they approach the creation of meaningful products that are kind to our planet.

We are passionate when it comes to the Ionian Islands, with a current focus on Corfiot businesses, and of course, the wider culture of Greece as a whole. By making sustainable purchases, together we can help local communities grow. Buying locally increases job opportunities for local suppliers and indigenous workers. Plus, buying from small and local businesses ensures improved living and working conditions for those who are creating products for you to take home and enjoy. Not only does your purchase support these local businesses and creators, but you will also have a genuine lasting piece of Greece to keep.

Environmental Sustainability

Zero Waste

In recent years, the concept of sustainability and zero-waste fashion and has become an important and popular trend. The need to shop more ethically and sustainably is undoubtedly here to stay. Instead of just being a fashion fad, environmentally friendly local shopping, as well as vegan and cruelty-free beauty, is on the right path to become the new normal and we’re proud to be apart of the movement.

Ionian Kind is here to show you that small changes and choices can make a big difference. We are not fixated on being ‘perfect’; instead, we believe in making impactful changes by choosing fair and kind products with a unique twist. Ionian Kind has collated some of the best Corfiot sustainable brands into one easy to navigate e-store.

Eco-friendly Fashion and Lifestyle

Social Responsibility

We know that, at times, this new way of living and consuming can feel overwhelming – there is so much information linked with conscious living and sustainable shopping that many people abandon the trend altogether, feeling bombarded and scolded for not getting it right every time. It can be difficult and time consuming to research new independent brands and their origins – so we have done the hard part for you.

Embracing sustainable shopping helps us all to recognise that everything we buy has health, environmental and social impacts. Shopping with Ionian Kind is your chance to support what is important to you and avoid products that do not align with your beliefs. Shopping sustainably can also help you reduce waste and in turn save money by purchasing products that are made to last.