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How do we ensure our products are sustainably and ethically made?

Responsibility and Sustainability

At Ionian Kind, we are proud to offer sustainable homeware and ethical fashion. Each brand we work with has been approved for their unique processes and commitment to ensuring that all products are produced with as little cost to the environment and workers involved as possible. Below we have detailed some of the ways in which each of our brands work with us to ensure their dedication to slow fashion.

Beauty and Skincare

Our Patounis Olive Soaps are made by hand using locally produced olive products. Their soaps are pure and natural, and thus are beneficial to both your skin and the environment.

Candles and Homeware

Choe candles are made to order to ensure that no materials go to waste during production and arrive to you as freshly as possible. Only natural, high-quality ingredients are used, such as wood and glass for the vessel and pure Greek beeswax and soy wax for the candle.

Handbags and Backpacks

Production at Ddora is small and each bag is crocheted by hand so please take this in to consideration when ordering. Though this may take a little longer, you can rest assured that each product has been created with time, love and care – with no cost to the environment or the producers.

Each Salty Bag is made using decommissioned sails, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint and that waste is prevented. They are cut and traced painstakingly by hand, contributing to a unique end result. Finally, your Salty Bag is reusable, and can be repurposed into a new bag if you wish to return it.

Olive Oils

The production of The Governor Olive Oil involves tending to the olive groves, waiting to harvest and pressing the fruit. The process is thus a slow but rewarding one; the oil is packed with polyphenols, offering a multitude of health benefits, and tastes exceptional, too.