Handmade by Ddora 2WAY Purse and Bag Set



2WAY blue crochet handbag with pom-pom detailing and purse by Handmade by Ddora
This set includes one purse and one handbag.
Made using all-natural materials.
Purse dimensions – W20cm x H11cm
Handbag dimensions – W40cm x H 29cm
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Made in Corfu
This bag contains leather and is therefore not vegan.
Please note: all Handmade by Ddora bags are unique and small variations in sizes may occur.

These products are handmade and can also be sold separately
2WAY Bag
2WAY Purse




This stunning bag and purse set by Handmade by Ddora includes one handcrafted crochet bag and one purse made from all natural, eco-friendly materials. The stylish 2WAY crochet bag is 40cm wide and 29cm tall with an arched handle (40cm) in a trendy chunky braided style. The matching 2Way Patterned blue and white crochet purse is a perfect pairing, made from sustainable cotton.  As all Handmade by Ddora bags are uniquely created to order, please note that your order may have some minor variations in size, colour and material.

Please note: This purse features a red wrist-loop and brown tag both of which are made from upcycled leather and is not vegan.

All products from Handmade by Ddora are lovingly handmade in Corfu, allowing us to keep waste to a minimum at all stages of the process. Each item is made from upcycled materials; including curtains, clothing, and even upholstery. Handmade by Ddora packaging uses no plastic, all recyclable paper, and the dyes used are all eco-friendly. Even the ribbon on the finishing comes from fabrics that have been rescued to be used, rather than new!

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