CORFOOT Baby and Toddler shoes, Votsalo



  • CORFOOT Votsalo baby and toddler soft sole shoes in striking grey and orange design
  • Made with 100% Nappa leather – naturally tanned with vegetable dyes
  • Prewalking shoes and toddler slippers
  • Nonslip leather sole protects baby feet when crawling and a toddler’s first footsteps without sweaty feet
  • The extremely soft and elastic Nappa leather guarantees comfort and freedom of movement
  • Handmade in Corfu
  • Chrome free and free of any plastic finishing
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The award-winning Votsalo non-slip newborn shoes are available in a variety of sizes for newborns up to 24 months and are suitable for both girls and boys. The size range also expands further to suit toddler’s and children up to the age of four years old who are used to walking and playing outside too. Votsalo is the perfect shoe for nursery, school, home and outside play. Votsalo features a wide toe box area which is recommended by podiatrists and paediatricians to encourage natural foot spread and healthy foot growth.

Made from genuine Nappa-leather, they have been vegetable tanned and are free of dyes as well as free from chrome and plastic coating too. The non slip leather sole protects the baby’s feet when crawling and a toddler’s first footsteps without sweaty feet. The extremely soft Nappa leather paired with hard wearing elastic ankles guarantees comfort and freedom of movement.

Certification stamps and regular quality controls guarantee the excellent quality of our leathers and their friendliness to the environment and health, through checks at every step of processing, from storage to herbal dying. Rare but entirely natural markings and the slightest variation in colour are a testament to the authentic quality of CORFOOT. These characteristics are the result of natural tanning and proof of the high quality of genuine Nappa leather used for their making.


  • Flexible comfortable barefoot shoes
  • perfect for all year around
  • soft and nonslip leather sole
  • 100% vegetable tanned and chrome-free Nappa leather without plastic coating
  • easy to wear and stay on
  • protect baby feet when crawling and a toddler’s first footsteps without sweaty feet, let skin breathe
  • low, flat-to-the-ground profile for barefoot-like feeling
  • toe box wide enough to allow natural toe spread for healthy little growing feet as recommended by podiatrists and paediatricians
  • perfect for nursery school, home, outside strolls

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