Dr Kavvadia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set – Lianolia Variety



Dr Kavvadia extra virgin olive oil gift set containing 3 bottles
This set contains 1x 500ml, 1x 250ml and 1x 100ml of the ‘Lianolia’ variety Olive Oil.
Made from almonds, red pepper with hints of thyme
This set includes a professional steel pourer with a cork base
High levels of antioxidants
The ‘Lianolia’ variety is certified organic, cruelty free and vegan
Made in Corfu, Greece




Encapsulated in a brown carton box featuring the brand logo, comes the medicinal style brown bottle of award-winning Dr. Kavvadia extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy a taste of Corfu, with three varying sized bottles and experience the explosion of complex flavours from the Lianolia variety gift set. From almonds, to red pepper and hints of thyme, the flavours are testament to the the care and time that has been taken to grow, harvest and press Dr Kavvadia’s olive oil.

The 500ml, 250ml and 100ml bottles all come with a steel pourer and a brochure which contains more information about the oil, it’s properties and the family history behind Dr. Kavvadia’s vision. Each set is packaged in a carton box and all oil varieties are cruelty free and vegan. Dr Kavvadia bottles are all 100% glass and come securely packaged in a larger carton box for shipping to avoid breakage and spillages. Dr Kavvadia extra virgin olive oil is the only oil from Corfu to win several international competitions thanks to their innovation and quality. The oil has also qualified for a European Union health claim thanks to the high levels of phenols it contains. All three bottles in this set are certified organic, and are created using a cruelty free method.

When Dr Kavvadia started producing olive oil he was passionate and believed the oil would have healing and restorative properties. Years later,the next generation has taken over the business and his original hopes and ethos have now been affirmed and the properties are officially certified by the European Food Safety Authority. These medicinal properties are found in the surprisingly high levels of antioxidants present in the olive oil, namely Oleuropein, amongst others, which contribute to the good health of the heart by protecting blood lipids from oxidative stress. 

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