Dr. Kavvadia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set, 2 Bottles



Dr. Kavvadia Olive Oil gift set containing 2 bottles
x1 500ml bottle of Lianolia variety and x1 500ml bottle of Thiako variety
Comes with carton box, brochure and professional pourer
Organic extra-virgin olive oil of medium intensity
Apothecary style brown bottles
Notes of artichoke, radishes, almonds, freshly cut grass, thyme and flavourful red pepper
Made in Corfu, Greece




In this gift set, you will receive two 500ml bottles (1x the Lianolia variety and 1x Thiako variety). The 500ml brown glass bottle is the perfect way to have a taster of each of these enriched and complex olive oils. Each bottle is accompanied by a steel pourer and a brochure denoting the history of the brand. Dr. Kavvadias farm lies just north of Corfu town. The farms’ history began in the late 18th century when a small olive press was built nearby the olive grove. From the middle of the last century Dr Kavadias began his life-long work to transform the farm into something spectacular and it has been passed down the generations.

Dr. Kavvadia was an orthopaedic surgeon who lived on the island of Corfu many years ago. The Doctor’s greatest passion was producing olive oil from his centenarian olive grove, from a local variety known as Lianoelia. He had a feeling that when olive oil is produced correctly, it acquires therapeutic properties. To achieve this, the doctor treated his olive grove with the utmost respect, using only natural ways of farming. His techniques, today, would be called a blend of permaculture and sustainable farming. He knew that only strong, healthy, and happy olive trees will produce fruit with the exceptional characteristics that he sought. As well as the Lianolia variety, Dr Kavvadia now offers their Thiako variety, a rare and unique blend that is indigenous to Corfu.

Since 2012, the farm is now the home of the award-winning Doctors Kavadias olive oil. Most of the olive trees in the farm are centenarian, some dating back to the Venetian times, almost 400 years ago. These trees bear smaller crops due to their age, and are scattered on mountainous terrain, making harvest challenging but worth the reward.

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