Enikeoros Set of 5 Photo Corfu Postcards



Set of 5 handmade postcards
Dimensions: 11 x 15cm
Snapshots from Eniko’s photography
White background on the reverse side
Made from recycled materials and all handmade.
Made in Corfu





Ionian Kind are pleased to stock Enikeoros Set of 5 postcards. These postcards are snapshots from Eniko’s photography collection and are 11x15cm in size. The postcards feature Corfu landscapes, focussing on the sea and shoreline. Each one has a white background on the reverse side of the postcard, with address lines and the Enikeoros logo in blue. The Enikeoros postcard set is made from recycled materials and is all handmade.

Enikeoros is a collection of visual art, photography and stone pieces created by local Corfu artist, Eniko Orosz. Each piece is unique and inspired by the artist’s love and passion for life, freedom and the beauty of Corfu. Using a variety of canvases and recycled materials, Orosz truly captures the essence of the island and even uses sea water to create each piece.

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