Enikeoros Set of 3 ‘Blue’ Canvases



Set of three ‘Blue’ canvas, hand painted by the artist
Delivered in separate packaging to maintain appearance and prevent damage
Dimensions: H8cm x W7cm x D 0.8 cm
Two of the pieces in this set feature small gold fleck detail
Made using recycled materials
Made in Corfu




Set of three ‘Blue’ painted canvases from the Enikeoros collection. Hand Painted by local Corfu artist, Eniko Orosz. All three are packaged separately to maintain appearance. Each canvas measures as follows: Height is 8cm, width is 7cm, and the canvas has a depth of 0.8cm.

Two of the pieces in this set feature small gold fleck detail. Presented in a beautiful brown paper box complete with the brand logo stamped on for an authentic feel. Eniko hopes her Art will allow you to take home a piece of the Ionian with you, wherever you may be. This three piece set captures Eniko’s love affair with the sea – she wanted to be close to the blue of the ocean which is why she moved to Corfu and this is reflected in her colour palette throughout the Enikeoros collection that is available at Ionian Kind. The artist uses sea water mixed with Aquarelle paper and ink to create each unique watercolour piece.

Enikeoros is a collection of visual art, photography and stone pieces which are lovingly hand made in order to celebrate the Ionian Islands, with particular interest in Corfu. Each piece is unique and inspired by the artist’s love and passion for life, freedom and the beauty of Corfu.

Using a variety of canvases and recycled materials, Orosz truly captures the essence of the island and even uses sea water to create each piece. This set of three artwork features a person in a hat, a window looking out to landscape and a boating scene with the ocean and sky as the background all with a speckled effect.

Please note, due to the nature of Eniko’s artistic process, bear in mind that each piece is characteristic of Eniko’s style and individual items may vary from that which is photographed. Whilst the design and layout may be the same, as well as colour, there may be small negligible changes to the art. Please contact us directly for any queries or information about the size.

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