NIKOS ‘Orchid’ Sterling Silver Stud Earrings



925 Sterling silver stud earrings in ‘Orchid’ style by NIKOS
Design exclusive to Ionian Kind
Weight – 4.0g (approx)
Handcrafted by jewellery designer, Nikos Michalopoulos in Corfu
Please note: Due to being handmade appearance may differ and no two pairs are the same
Shipping Worldwide




The NIKOS Orchid sterling silver stud earring set weighs approximately 4.0 grams and can be shipped worldwide. Inspired by the natural world, the Orchid style is unique subtle curved design with indentations in the flat face of the stud.

NIKOS jewellery designs have been created to capture reflections of the natural beauty of Corfu.

NIKOS prides themselves on pioneering slow fashion creating timeless wearables which have the capacity to become family heirlooms passed down generations.

Corfiot-inspired jewellery brand, NIKOS, have been creating unique and sustainable gold and silver jewellery pieces for fifty years from their London and Corfu workshops. Each piece is expertly designed and handcrafted by the highly regarded jewellery designer, Nikos Michalopoulos and inspired by the natural world. 

 Each piece in the collection is inspired by Corfu and the beauty of imperfection. No two pairs are the same and are not perfectly identical or symmetrical giving them a truly unique twist. NIKOS jewellery is made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials. At NIKOS they prioritise taking care of things we already own so that they can last a lifetime – an ethos that Ionian Kind is proud to support in order to promote sustainable living.

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