NIKOS ‘Valeria’ Sterling Silver Stud Earrings



Ionian Kind exclusive
925 Sterling silver earrings by in ‘Valeria’ by NIKOS
Weight – 3.9g (approx)
Worldwide shipping available
Handcrafted in Corfu, Greece
Created by jewellery designer Nikos Michalopoulos
Please note: Due to being handmade, appearance may differ


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The NIKOS ‘Valeria’ Sterling silver stud earrings style earring come as a pair, and the design invokes the theme of nature that NIKOS hopes to convey through their unique wearable pieces. The stud is round and has the impression of a leaf on the face of the earring.

The ‘Valeria’ set is made from 925 Sterling silver and weighs approximately 3.9 grams. The design is exclusive to us here at Ionian Kind.

Through timeless designs and a sustainable production process, NIKOS jewellery offers slower paced fashion through timeless pieces which can be worn for years to come and passed down the generations in your family.

Handcrafted in Corfu and London workshops, the ‘Valeria’ earrings are created by NIKOS using sustainable silver and gold jewellery; timelessly designed by highly regarded jewellery designer, Nikos Michalopoulos.

NIKOS have been producing modern contemporary and sustainable jewellery pieces for over fifty years. Each piece is Inspired by the beauty of imperfection and the natural world and made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials.

NIKOS have been creating unique and sustainable gold and silver jewellery pieces for just over half a century from their London and Corfu workshops. Each piece is expertly designed and handcrafted by the highly regarded jewellery designer, Nikos Michalopoulos and inspired by the natural world. The Valeria earrings are made from silver and are reminiscent of leaves when you look at the imprint on the stud.

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