Salty Bag Sardela Quilted Cross Bag, White



Sardela cross body bag by Salty Bag
Quilted white canteen bag with tan strap
Made from Vegan-friendly faux leather
Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 20 cm
Upcycled Ripstop Nylon Spinnaker sailcloth
Plant-based leather
Reborn Sails
Made in Corfu, Greece





The Salty Bag Sardela cross body bag is a beautiful, quilted canteen bag from the seventies upcycled to last till the 2070’s. It is made from beautiful plant-based leather (Piñatex) that comes in a cool shade of white, with chevron style arrow detailing in the stitching. The Sardela bag features a zipper fastening and a shoulder strap that is long and a tanned leather appearance, made from vegan-friendly upcycled materials.

The Salty Bag Sardela handbag is made from upcycled ripstop nylon spinnaker sailcloth and has the dimensions of 20 X 5 X 20 centimetres weighing approximately 160-185 grams.

Salty Bag has been showing the world how luxury products can be made sustainably and affordably since its conception in 2013. Designed and handcrafted with love on Corfu, Salty Bag have been re-purposing decommissioned sails into beautiful, sustainable handbags, totes, luggage and more.

Their pieces are the result of a combination of expert craftsmanship, premium materials and time. Each Salty Bag is unique with no two bags the same – each has its own palpable history and unique story. This item is vegan and cruelty free with an emphasis on sustainability and recycling materials.

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