Enikeoros Set of 2 Watercolour Paintings ‘The Couple’



A set of 2, A5 watercolour ‘The Couple’ paintings
Dimensions: 148 x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Two original pieces signed by the artist
Stamped ‘Made in Corfu’ on the back with the date
Made in Corfu




Two beautiful hand-painted watercolour paintings, influenced by the artist’s love for the sea. ‘The Couple’ comes as two A5 watercolours from Corfu based brand, and Budapest-born artist Eniko Orosz.

‘The Couple’ is an original Enikeoros painting and all rights remain reserved to the artist and her brand. Both pieces are stamped, signed by the artist with date of creation on the back of the painting. This romantic set features one A5 painting featuring a man facing away from the audience, and the other, features a woman doing the same – both are wearing hats as they stare out to a sea of blue ink. The artwork features hand writing that says ‘You are the thing that comes from your soul’ in light italic pencil. ‘The Couple’ set is made in Corfu on aquarelle paper and ink. The dimensions of both of the A5 paintings are 148 x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches and are created with recycled and sustainable tools where possible.

Through her brand, Enikeoros, Eniko shares with the world her love of the sea and Corfu with these evocative and rustic pieces. Each item for sale in the collection is hand painted, you will never receive a print. Ownership of the print does not give any right to copy or redistribution via print.

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