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5 good reasons to buy artisan products

artisan products

In a world where it is all too easy to thoughtlessly consume mass-produced products, many consumers are making it their mission to shop sustainably by supporting local artisan brands. This means shopping with ethical brands that create unique products via traditional methods and often completely by hand. With this in mind, here are reasons why we think buying handmade is the best way to shop.

Handmade means more unique 

No two handmade products are completely identical. Buying handmade means that nobody will have exactly the same product and also that you can see and feel each item’s unique story. You can think of each piece as memorable and authentic, and holds more sentimental value than a mass-produced product. 

Handmade products tend to last longer 

Artisan products are usually made to be timeless and withstand the test of time – not produced with the intention of keeping up with current trends or mass orders. Salty Bags are an excellent example of this, with their bags produced by hand using decommissioned sails which are specifically made to be hard wearing. You may own a handmade product for many years after you buy it, further increasing its sentimental value. 

Environmentally and socially sustainable 

Handmade products are by nature more environmentally sustainable than mass-produced ones, as far less energy is used in their production than in an assembly line. Often, you will know exactly where and when your product was made, and in addition, who it was made by. Thus, you can feel reassured when you buy an artisan product that is at little cost to the environment and to the wellbeing of the workers involved in its production. 

Keep tradition alive

Making products by hand often involves the use of traditional crafts and skills which have been passed down to communities over generations. Patounis Olive Soap is made in the same way that it was when the company was first founded in the early 19th century. By buying handmade, demand is generated for the continued education of these skills to future generations. In this way, we can simultaneously celebrate our living culture and ensure the preservation of our cultural identity.

Support the local economy

Supporting local, artisan brands works to divert income directly to the person or people who made your product, thus helping to sustain their lives and giving them an opportunity to re-invest in their business. In addition, diverting just 10% of consumer spending to locally owned businesses could potentially create hundreds of new jobs, and studies have shown that locally owned businesses return much more revenue than chains to local communities. Therefore, buying from our artisan brands benefits a large number of local people and their small businesses.

At Ionian Kind, we believe strongly in the values of buying from independent artisans. Our mission is to make supporting local, artisan brands in Greece more accessible to a wider audience by shipping locally sourced products straight to your door, internationally. You can learn more about our brand values and sustainability by visiting our about us page.