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Made in Corfu: Sustainable Greek Gifts for Easter

In the Greek Orthodox calendar, Easter is the most important and sacred time of year. It’s a time to get together with our families, forget about work and eat huge amounts of delicious, traditional Easter food. Though it may not be possible this year to be with your loved ones in person, why not show someone you care with some of these sustainable Greek gifts for Easter? Or better yet, treat yourself at this special time of year – because you deserve it. 

Dr. Kavvadia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dr Kavvadia extra virgin olive oil gift set

Fill your home and kitchen with the scent of the Mediterranean this Easter with Dr. Kavvadia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dr. Kavvadia is made sustainably on a family-run farm in Corfu; using a traditional family method that has been passed down through generations. Not only is this oil vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and extremely tasty, but it also has numerous health benefits. Each bottle is packed with very high levels of polyphenols, which are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can choose from two varieties, both of which have their own distinct flavour. While the Lianolia variety comes from olive trees predominantly found on Corfu, the Thiako variety is sourced from the islands of Cephalonia and Ithaca. 

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CHOE Nefeli Archaic Soy Candle

CHOE Nefeli Archaic Vegan Soy Candle

Cleanse your home this Easter with the refreshing, luxurious scent of CHOE’s Nefeli Archaic Soy Candle., inspired by Ancient Greek artwork. You can choose from two scents: olive leaf and lime or wild fig and amber.

All of CHOE candles are made from 100% natural vegan soy and are biodegradable. Each candle boasts up to 50 hours burning time, but once you’ve finished burning your candle, you can reuse this vessel as a beautiful vase or drinking glass. A perfect, sustainable Greek gift for Easter or any time of year!


CORFOOT Leather Children’s Shoes

CORFOOT newborn leather shoes

Easter represents new life and rebirth, so what better time to honour the little ones in your life? If you have or know anyone with a newborn, CORFOOT soft shoes are the perfect gift.

Each pair is handmade in Corfu using naturally tanned 100% genuine Nappa leather. They’re super soft to ensure maximum comfort and are also proven to help with balance, muscle strength and coordination.


Enikeoros Watercolour Paintings

Enikeoros Art and Photography

Easter is a great time to do some spring cleaning and re-decorating. Why not spruce up your home with Enikeoros art and photography?

Enikeoros is a brand created in Corfu by Budapest-born artist, Eniko Orosz. The influences of the island can be felt in her art – she even uses Ionian seawater in each piece. She uses recycled materials to complete each of her stunning watercolour paintings.

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Well, those are some of our favourite sustainable greek gifts for Easter. This year, Greek Easter falls on the 2nd May, so make sure you get your gifts ordered in time. For more information on Ionian Kind and our vision and values, you can visit our About Us page.  You can also check out more great gift ideas from our other eco-friendly brands.

Slow Tourism and the Preservation of Ionian Culture

Preservation and sustainability is incredibly important to us at Ionian Kind. Accommodating mass tourism on the Ionian islands potentially threatens local traditions as well as the local environment. In spite of Corfu’s agricultural traditions, the expansion of tourist infrastructure has resulted in an increasing abandonment of productive lands, leading to a greater dependence on food imports. Moreover, making room for more and more arrivals each year has compromised the recreational land available for local use and the health of the islands’ ecosystems. Evidently, this creation of  a tourist monoculture is detrimental to the islands’ local culture, traditions, environment and businesses. 

One of the less-discussed aspects of the slow fashion movement is cultural sustainability. Simply put, cultural sustainability describes the ‘successful transmission of traditional knowledge to future generations’ (source). Fast fashion poses a threat to cultural preservation in a number of ways; firstly, traditional methods and processes in clothes production are often neglected by the fast fashion industry, in which clothing designs move rapidly from catwalks to stores for mainstream consumption to meet new trends. In addition, patronising fast-fashion conglomerates represents a failure to support and re-invest in the local economy. Thus, as Danica Ratte argues, by buying products instead from sustainable, local brands, whose processes are inextricably tied to the local culture, the consumer can ‘actively help preserve and protect this particular piece of culture’ (source).

One of our main pillars at Ionian Kind is the promotion and preservation of our local Ionian culture. The historical and cultural influences of the Venetians, French and British are evident to this day in the islands’ architecture, cuisine and dialect. Furthermore, being the rainiest region in Greece, their fertile land makes the islands ideal for agriculture; the island of Corfu specifically is renowned for its production of dairy products, wine, citrus fruits, and olive oil. To an international audience, however, the Ionian islands are possibly best known as a tourist destination. The huge influx of visitors throughout the summer months has led to an increasing economic reliance on tourism; the industry now accounts for over 60% of the seven islands’ GDP. 

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